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Geocadd is a professional consulting business for Engineers and Land Surveyors. Geocadd's staff has over 30 years of experience in the digital photogrammetry field producing large scale maps and high resolution digital orthophotos for engineering design and GIS applications.

We have supplied Autocad, Microstation and ESRI comptiable digital map files, digital images, digital orthophotos and hard copy output. Digital cameras equipped with Airborne GPS and LIDAR are also available for large areas and fast turnaround time.

Our client base includes private engineering, land surveying and architectural firms as well as state and local government agencies. We have provided photogrammetric mapping and digital orthophotos for transportation (Caltrans specifications,) land development, flood control, landfills, all types of civil design, universities, park districts, environmental consultants, military bases, GIS services, and golf courses.

Digital Photogrammetry

The Analytical Softcopy Workstations are used for planimetric and topographic mapping, superimposition, DTM's, automatic point correlation, digital orthophotos, mosaics, and multi-sensor aerotraingulation.

Digital Orthophotos

Our true orthophoto process minimizes building and bridge lean problems. We have produced color and grayscale orthophotos with pixel resolutions from .1 feet to 5 feet georeferenced to various datums.

Airborne Sensors

Wild RC-30, Zeiss Top 15, Zeiss/Intergraph Digital Mapping (DMC) cameras are equipped with FMC and ABGPS. In additional to aerial photography, we can provide LIDAR acquisition and post processing.